1. Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Do I pay now?
    2. Is there an extra fee for a rush order?
    3. What is the turn over rate?
    4. Can I get my service done today?
    5. Can I wait?
    6. What if I leave my shoes here for to long?
    7. Are there any guarantees on this service?


    1. Yes, all items are pre-paid

    2.  Yes, an additional 10% charge will be added to all rush orders. (exceptions are holes, heel plates, shines, and stretches.)

    3. Average turn over rate: March-September- 1 week

                                                            October- February 3-4weeks

    4.  Same day services include mens and ladies heel, some sewing services, and some cementing services

    5.  All wait orders include holes, heel plates, and shines

    6.  NOT responsible and NO refunds on any items left over 30 days.

    7.  NO gurantee on all celaning, refinishes, luggage, and dye work

          NO gurantee om itemas that are damaged adn not sewn or nailed


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