Step Up Your Shoe Game with Continuo’s Shoe Repair: The Ultimate Guide

Step Up Your Shoe Game with Continuo’s Shoe Repair: The Ultimate Guide

Short answer: Contino’s Shoe Repair

Contino’s Shoe Repair is a shoe repair store located in New York City. They offer services such as resoling, heel replacement, and leather conditioning for both men’s and women’s shoes. The business has been family-owned and operated since 1906, providing quality craftsmanship to their customers.

Step-by-Step: How Contino’s Shoe Repair Brings Your Shoes Back to Life

At Contino’s Shoe Repair, we understand the importance of keeping your shoes in top-notch condition. Whether it’s for a professional look or simply to extend their lifespan, especially if you have invested heavily in them. For this reason, we provide reliable repair services that aim to bring back your shoes’ initial glory.

Our shoe repair process is comprehensive and aimed at 100% customer satisfaction. Here is how we breathe new life into your old soles:

Step One: Assessment

Do not be afraid to bring us even the most unsightly shoe pair! We start by evaluating the extent of damage rather than condemning the entire shoe immediately. The goal here is to come up with an accurate assessment of what work needs doing – our team has seen and repaired every type of damage that shoes can suffer!

Step Two: Prep Your Shoes for Repair

We take great care during each step of our repair process—from disassembling parts to cleaning them thoroughly—since small details matter immensely when finalizing any repairs on leather footwear. Our skilled technicians use high-quality materials and careful methods to prep your shoes before making any necessary fixes.

Step Three: Get Schooled In Professional Repairs

Now comes time for actual repairs. At Contino’s Shoe Repair, we specialize in all types – from fixing scuffed heels and broken buckles down to replacing crucial structural components like cracked soles or worn-out toes/midsoles (perfect candidates for reinforcement stitches). Our certified craftsmen are well-versed in repairing elaborate designs such as weaving intricate patterns onto upper areas without additional visual disruption.

Step Four: Test Drive & Quality Control

Once all necessary repairs finish per specific instructions, visual inspection takes place along with physical examination testing durability ensuring quality control parameters upheld strictly based upon training criteria therein techs undertake laboriously adhering preparations attentively inspected handiwork thereof ensure zero defects escape detection scrutinized approaches rigorously enacted henceforth mechanisms employed maintained optimally.

Step Five: Handover and Follow-Up

Long-lasting and durable repairs are our specialty. Our clients trust us with their shoes time, and again because of our expert craftsmanship! If requested, we offer tips on how to care for your footwear at home going forward.

Don’t throw away your beloved but damaged shoes or boots – bring them into Contino’s Shoe Repair today! We work tirelessly in providing top-notch services aiming to exceed customer expectations while also delivering the best possible results when repairing each pair of shoes that comes through our door. So why not give us a chance? Not only will you save money by prolonging the lifespan of your favorite footwear, but it’ll look just as good as new when under an affectionate ‘shoe wargaming’ nurse’s watchful eye helping ensure optimal recovery is secured thus enhancing personal shoe collections valiantly safeguarded by quality fixer-upper-ness gurus such ourselves hitherto forthwith thenforth attending modern attire necessitating perfect chic harmony between dress codes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Contino’s Shoe Repair Services

Contino’s Shoe Repair Services is the perfect place to go when you need to repair or revive your favorite pair of shoes. With over 40 years of experience in the shoe repair industry, we’ve seen it all and fixed it all. Here are some frequently asked questions about our services:

1. What types of shoes do you repair?
We can work on any type of shoe, including sandals, boots, dress shoes, and athletic sneakers.

2. Do you offer resoling services?
Yes! We can replace the soles on your shoes with new ones made from high-quality materials.

3. Can you fix a broken heel?
Absolutely! We’ll carefully remove the damaged heel and replace it with a sturdy replacement.

4. Can you dye my leather shoes a different color?
Yes – if you’re looking for a fresh look for your leather footwear that goes beyond just repairing scratches or stitching seams back together instead consider recoloring your shoes altogether!

5. Are there any limitations to what repairs Contino’s Shoe Repair will take on at present time?
Due to significant recent increases in shipping times on raw goods, we must temporarily limit our availability dates available until further notice; Anything outside that timeline will be reviewed upon entering through door

6.What other shoe care products do you sell?
In addition to our expert repair services offered within competitive pricing structures based off quality & complexity levels- we also have many other essential products like felt dryer balls/packs (Great option), waterproofers/sprays as well extra shoestrings/laces/buckles etc., instep/elevation inserts plus custom foot orthotics – specific to each customer needs

7.How long does an average repair service take?
While turnaround times vary based off factors such as material type/level supply chain disruptions ongoing-getting most needed renovations done properly is generally achieved within one week

8.Can I drop by anytime during operating hours without appointment required or should I make sure to call first?
Walk-ins welcome from Monday through Friday during scheduled business hours. However, if priority service needed or distance required for traveling far distances are factors, it is always advisable to pre-schedule an appointment.

9.Will Contino’s Shoe Repair replace the heels on my pumps/shoes with non-scuff versions?
Yes– we always recommend that you replace your shoe’s existing heel cap as a cost-effective way of extending time before full sole replacement and granted customization request options upon special request/offering.

Overall, at Contino’s Shoe Repair Services we pride ourselves in producing top-quality repairs coupled with knowledgeable style insight & product recommendations guranteed to leave stamped impressions amongst clients-whether corporate professionals right down street-level fashion divas! We value providing affordable solutions tailor-made towards prolonging footwear life cycles by helping our customers look their best in ‘like-new’ shoes once again-by recycling instead merely adhering to disposable cycle habits prevalent nowadays. Drop off your favorite pair today -to experience world-class attention put into designing & expediting effortless restoration excellence!

The Art of Fixing Shoes: Inside Look at Contino’s Shoemaking Techniques

When it comes to creating a high-quality pair of shoes, there are a handful of techniques and skills that separate the artisan from the amateur. And if you’re looking for an example of true shoe-making mastery, look no further than Contino Shoes.

Founded in 1946 by Giuseppe Contino Sr., this second-generation family business has been crafting men’s dress shoes by hand for over seven decades. Today, his son Joe and grandson Garry run the company with the same attention to detail and commitment to excellence as their patriarch.

So what sets a Contino shoe apart? Let’s take a closer look at some of the key techniques they use in their craft:

1. The Last

Before any stitching or gluing can begin, an experienced shoemaker starts with the last – essentially, a foot-shaped mold around which the leather or other materials will be shaped. These days most manufacturers rely on pre-made lasts for consistency across different sizes/styles; but not Contino Shoes! Each time they work on someone’s feet they carve out new wooden moulds designed specifically just for them- ensuring that each step is customized to fit individual needs making it highly versatile yet providing unmatched personalization with simplicity itself.

2. Stitching

At Contino Shoes all varieties of visible seams (also called welt seams) are stitched manually rather being glued together like industrial label sneaker production lines rely upon now adays.. That means every stitch is carefully placed – usually at about six stitches per inch – using waxed thread strong enough to withstand years of wear.

3.Sole Creation

The sole requires two types depending on whether your brand preference uses machine-stitched or Blake construction- Sews Either way involves intricate composition- top-grade components such as Oak-tanned soles contour perfectly enhance flexibility while firm permanent cementation gives superb balance within fully lined interiors & ultimately settling down into place intact once cured correctly after months-long process..


After assembling a high-quality, durable shoe by hand; the next step is refining their appearance. One way Contino Shoes does this is through applied burnishing techniques to color and finish off edges seamlessly adding an extra yet finishing touch in overall aesthetics of the shoe.

The result of these techniques combined? A pair of dress shoes that embodies both style & practicality all-so-well into one mind boggling end product. With proper care which can involve sending them back for restoration or just using simple waterproofing alongside buffing cream ,a premium quality handmade leather shoe from Contino’s will last you years upon years without showing severe signs of wear – truly unique & second-to-none within competitive markets nowadays and highly recommended!

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